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A. One on one

 If you would like to work on a personal project with me we can organize a private workshop. Depending on the project size and the time available for completion, it might be a one time session or longer. To give you some examples, we could make customized accessories or jewelry. Or maybe you would like to make a very personalized gift for someone you love. What about recycling or giving a new look to your clothes? Upcycling old jewelry pieces? Creating a DIY decorative object? Developing ideas or making items for your home or another space?

B. In your space

Organize a workshop for yourself and your friends at your space. Establish your business (coffee shop, store or other) as a creative gathering point and an inventive, open forum. Entertain your guests and/or customers, and promote your business at the same time. Or organize a fun activity for your employees to enhance team spirit and contribute to team building. The possibilities are endless. Contact me and we can discuss them!

Browse through my blog to see the projects and ideas I’ve put together so far. I’m passionate about collaboration and look forward to working with you on your suggestions.

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D A R K   C H O C O L A T E   E V E N I N G  

The best thing about making chocolate at home is the smell that fills up space :).
We made our chocolate base from natural, organic ingredients and each participant adapted it and flavored it as per their taste using nuts, dry fruits, seeds, spices, etc. Once they came up with their original chocolate, they shared a bit with others and took the rest home.


The participants said…

A L L E R G E N – F R E E   B R E A D  A N D  B R E A K F A S T

We met up for a late breakfast at my Open Home. Our conversation topic was: All I know by now about Low Carb Lifestyle and Real Food.
We shared the insights and knowledge from our low carb lifestyle experiences.
Our menu was:
– Food: Real Coconut bread toast + Combine your toppings or choose from: grass-fed butter, nut butter, avocado, olive oil, cheese spread, and tomato.
– Drinks: dairy free: Turmeric latte, chocolate milk, coffee, tea. All made with homemade coconut milk.

The highlight of the event was making and baking of Vegan Low Carb Coconut Bread.

The participants said…

R E I N V E N T   Y O U R   J E W E L R Y   W O R K S H O P 

The necklace I am wearing above was made at my Reinvent Your Jewelry Workshop.

Together with other participants each of us re-invented our unwanted piece of jewelry. We worked on old pieces to get something more desirable that we will be happy to use or give as a gift to someone.

I showed some examples of the jewelry that I had created and recycled. I guided the participants through analysis, through different ideas and options and we discussed possible solutions for repurposing, recycling and upcycling. The goal was to turn it into a different, new piece: more appealing to them and matching better their current style.

I provided tools and materials to be used during the workshop, instructed the participants on how to use them and helped to work on the piece when needed.

The complexity of the intervention depended on the piece brought by the participants and on their ideas and preferences. You can see some of the results below.

Looking forward to seeing you in our future workshops.

Hind wanted to reuse the pendants from her bracelet for another piece. Then, a few minutes later, she realized that she can easily have a new, simple bracelet that matches better her style. By only removing the pendants and reshaping the current bracelet she converted it into a new one – the one she loved. Sometimes a tiny change is enough to make you fall in love with an old piece. 

Mirna had a clear idea that her earrings should remain earrings. She only wanted to change their style and material finishes: make them more discrete so that they would be suitable for any outfit or occasion. The existing earrings were too big for her and she was not a fan of the plastic parts they had. Besides that, the shiny metal surfaces were scratched and not as per her liking. With a small intervention and a bit of time, Mirna had 2 new earrings sets. For the one in the photo, she got inspired by unique earrings I’ve bought some time ago on an art fair. 

Nathalie did not use these earrings as they were continually falling apart and she was not ”really into them”. However, she liked the feather shape pieces and decided to reuse them differently. As she often wears necklaces and likes those to be quite noticeable and effective, Nathalie thought the feathers would be great to use for a necklace. She selected some more materials and pieces that matched her color and style preferences, adding them to give more ‘volume’ and dimension to her piece. Repeating the same approach, after the necklace, Nathalie made a set of matching earrings from the remaining pieces

Carine’s barely wears any jewelry other than her discrete earrings. She intended to create something as gift to her ”fashionista” friend, who loves stylish clothes and jewelry. She guessed the friend would probably love to wear a sort of ”statement necklace”. Carine wanted the gift piece to resemble her friend’s style and to have a touch of Carine’s taste. She assembled broken earrings’ pieces in a different way reusing a metal piece from my recycling box. To finish it up she painted the metal in black to give the necklace simpler, almost monochrome, more elegant look. 

Maria came with a few pieces that would be easy repaired. After going through the analysis process, she realized that did not want to change those but only repair them. She then used some elements, she gathered from other broken pieces, and by putting those together created a cute, simple bracelet for her niece. 

The participants said…