My hope for this blog is to inspire and encourage people to reclaim the ownership of their preferences and choices. To help them establish their own authentic, positive self image and identity in line with their individual values.

I aim to assess and challenge certain habits and approaches in fashion and lifestyle that we have adopted in recent years. As a consequence of numerous influences (fast fashion, advertising, media, certain type of blogs, different social media, etc…) the reference of what we consider ‘normal’ and desirable has changed a lot. I believe that there is an alternative to what we are served by ‘influencers’.

By presenting ideas, showing my designs, offering DIY suggestions, and promoting other independent designers, crafters, and creators my blog will attempt to discover a more sustainable approach to fashion and lifestyle.

I’ve always been in love with the creative process. Exploring arts and crafts as a little girl made me fall in love with design, and appreciate the originality of handmade and artisan production. I guess my greatest influences were my grandfather Novica and my aunt Mima. They filled my childhood with interesting, useful things and nice memorable moments. Their creativity and dedication made up for all the things we thought we wanted, but were not available to us at the time. As I was seeing things done, often participating actively in the process, I started to develop the belief that anything was possible. And I learned that not only I could make most of what I wanted and needed from scratch, but that with enough creativity and diligence I could create anything I wished for out of my life.

As an architect and designer I enjoy the amazing power that comes from imagining something and finding a way to make it come true. My inspiration comes mostly from materials themselves. I love to upcycle. I love transforming ordinary objects into something completely different from their intended purpose giving them a new life and utility.

My passion centers around everything from architecture to arts and design, to fashion – especially when it comes to details and accessories. Addicted to travelling and discovering new places, I source a lot of inspiration from what I see on my journeys and what I learn from people I encounter and share with.