From a colorful souvenir to a sparkling necklace

Recently, I’ve found this thimble somewhere around the house. I remember buying it as a souvenir on one of my trips to Latin America. Such a brightly colored piece… The moment I started thinking of what to do with it, I remembered a gift I had bought for a friend: this particular necklace by Patil Khatcherian. No wonder it instantly came to my mind: I’d loved the idea and design of that piece! So, therein came the inspiration. 

All I had to do next was fix a couple of things together. I took the thimble and paired it up with a sparkly rock crystal. Then, I attached them to the chain of an old broken necklace that was clearly no good on its own. All in all, a piece of cake.

These three items by themselves were pretty looking items, collecting dust in my drawers. Now, my brightly colored piece has a brilliantly crafted new-purpose.

Photos by Mili