My Real Food Reading and Cookbook Essentials

”People always ask me what I eat to cheat, and this is just such a weird concept for me.  I don’t negotiate with myself over food anymore.  I thoroughly enjoy eating real food and it almost feels like the strangest, nonsensible thing to eat nasty food and then feel empowered by it.”

Ine Reynierse

Whenever we see a challenge ahead, it always makes a difference when we’re surrounded by people who inspire us. Their struggles, both their successes and their failures and the way they deal with them can make us feel supported and allow us to go for it, to grow ourselves.

Here are the resources that challenged my way of thinking about food and eating. These have inspired me towards change and they’ve brought a lot of exciting new ideas and a variety of recipes to my dining table.


Michael Pollan

I love his witty texts with a scientific approach to food-related issues. The key points he highlights and deals with in his book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto inspired me to reassess my relationship with food and, inded, do better.


Ine Reynierse – Low Carb is Lekker

I would have probably given up on the low-carb lifestyle before I even got the chance to see its benefits if it were not for this book. I came across Low Carb is Lekker by accident and what called my attention was the quote that I’ve placed at the beginning of this post. There it was, what I had been thinking and feeling, put into words. The comment continues: ”I eat mindfully, trying to keep hormones happy, hunger at bay and cravings on the side of non-existent. Also, I live by the principle of creative ‘decarbing’ . If I miss it and it is worth it, I need to ‘decarb’ it so I can mindfully enjoy it!  (I know it does not sound quite normal, but this is my personal little strategy of feeling completely content.)”


Sarah Britton – My New Roots

My New Roots is a blog where I see posts that always combine personal insight with valuable information about ingredients, their health benefits and the best ways to use them. I find her posts sincere and authentic as she shares how she goes through the constant process of change and adaptation. Her recipes are not only colourful and exciting but also nutrient dense. 


Megan May and Little Birds Organics

I only found about Megan when I visited her cafe in Auckland. The delicious food served there was what instantly won me over and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. When I saw a couple of cookbooks on this cafe’s shelves, I didn’t hesitate to get them both and bring them back home. What I loved was the amazing and inventive vegan recipes and her focus on the preparation to achieve not only great taste but also the healthiest benefits.

 image no. 3  from My New Roots web

all the rest of the images are photos of original books’ covers 

photographed by Mili