Improvise a bedside table

Many think that a nicely decorated apartment would usually imply a lot of expenses and resources. And often for this reason, we don’t put any effort into making our interiors look good and inviting. This happens mainly with rentals, especially if we are not planing to stay there for long. Once I started moving often, I faced the challenge: how not to invest too much but still make my new temporary apartment beautiful and homelike.

If you need a new (bed) side table, here I have an easy and affordable idea. By simply combining a ceramic pot and a wooden serving tray, I solved my bedside corner with a new round table that has storage space within. Inside, I can keep next to the bed all the things I need that I don’t like to display such as notes, phone chargers or hand cream.

Plus, this idea can also be used as a side table or as a stool with storage for your living room, the entry hall or even the bathroom.. Check out the elements I’ve used in the HOW TO section.


Here’s a list of the elements I’ve combined for this decoration project with a brief explanation about why I’ve selected them.

big ceramic pot: ceramic has a classy and elegant finish. Made out of natural materials, it’s very durable if you take care of it. I chose a pot that had a similar height to that of the bed and, also, the necessary top diameter to accommodate the few things I wanted to place on top. I like the idea of using a pot instead of a chest of drawers or a convectional side table. It’s refreshing, more flexible and, most importantly of all, a good temporary fix. Be it until you move again, decide to change decorations or go for a more permanent solution. When you want to get rid of it, it’s easier to move, repurpose or even sell. After all, you didn’t have to invest too much in it anyways and guess what… you can always decide to use it as a pot🙂

wooden serving tray: I found this one that had a round base with a smaller diameter underneath. This allows me to move it a bit and make a gap when taking and putting things inside the pot without removing the whole surface. At the same time, this additional layer prevents it from sliding off completely. If you plan to use a different round surface, I’d suggest you put some screws or wooden elements on the inner side (on the perimeter of the inner pot edge) that will keep the tray in place, preventing it from sliding sideways.

fairy LED lights: they look amazing! Easy to find, they are affordable, very efficient and long-lasting. You can just place them in a pot or a jar, or give them any shape you want by wrapping them around basically anything. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest. If you choose the correct one, it will even be good for reading and as a dim light to see around the room at bedtime. They create a very relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Plus, they can be battery powered so you can use them even if you don’t have a power outlet close by.

small pots: for the plant and the lights, I decided to use ceramic pots from the same collection: same color, just different texture. Having few decorative elements like these keeps it almost monochromatic, simple and neat.

cute plant: it’s not just a nice decorative element, it also brings a bit of life to the room!

All photos by Mili