Playing with old jewelry pieces

A few years ago, during one of my visits to Venice I ran into a shop that sold all kinds of beads. You could find locally inspired ones made of glass and others made of diverse materials coming from different places. I liked many but I decided to buy only two. My idea was to use them as a single element to create new necklaces. 

These two were waiting for the day that I would make something of them. Once, looking for something to accessorize my outfit, I realised that one of these beads would be just perfect. Having only a few minutes left to get ready, I knew I wanted to wear this bead but it required a quick fix. I looked inside my jewelry box to try to find something I could quickly dismantle in order to reuse its parts and assemble a necklace. I experimented with a few golden pieces that I haven’t used for years: earrings, pendants and a thin chain. Pleased with the result, I continued wearing this idea in numerous occasions. The best was that this new necklace was changeable and open for a lot of possibilities to play with. 

To do the same, find an interesting bead and fish into your own jewelry box for a few other elements. Feel free to experiment using different pieces each time to get various different results. Let’s see yours!

The photos below give you an idea of how I’ve used the earrings and the pendants to create this necklace.

To begin with, choose the bead and the other elements you want to use and take a very thin chain. Then, double the chain and pass it trough the void in the bead. After that, open an earring and place it through the chain from one end and then place a pendant from the other end. Last but not least, close it!

HOW TO photos by Mili 

All the rest of the photos by Alexandra Vuiu