What price are we willing to pay for our clothes?

Often, I get questions like “Why have you stopped buying certain brands?” or “Why would you decide to pay that much for a dress when you can get ten like those at another store?” (e.g. any of the fast fashion brands). So, how does it pay off for me?

To begin with, we probably don’t even need as many items as we seem to want, especially if they’re going to fall apart or look worn after a few washes. The main issue for me, however, comes from my personal set of values. I try to stick to these values as much as possible since I genuinely care about people and the environment and I strive to make more sustainable lifestyle decisions. My concerns shouldn’t be any different when it comes to shopping. Therefore, I’ve started to look at the values embedded in the price I’m actually paying for my clothes and thinking about how this is related to my personal values.

If you wish to do the same, here are some questions that you can ask yourself before your next and future purchases:

  • Is this item adding value to my life? How so?
  • How and where was this item made? Who was it made by and what was it made from?
  • What are the values promoted by this brand?
  • Am I paying the price for the quality, production and resources involved or merely for the “popularity” of the brand’s name?
  • What is the money I’m paying this item contributing to?
  • How much and/or How long am I going to use this item and where is it going to end up after?

By constantly reminding ourselves that everything we do has an impact on other people and our environment, we become more conscious of whatever we do. Don’t turn a blind eye when making your choices. They are either in line with your values or clashing with them. ”You cannot be neutral on a moving train”

Photo by Alexandra Vuiu

dress by Jessica Rose