Souvenirs as accessories

When you’re passionate about something, it’s very hard not to notice it everywhere around you. For me, it happens time and again that I see things and I immediately think of ways to turn them into accessories or other useful objects. Here’s an example of some thinking out of the box: I used a souvenir to restyle a shirt. It was quick and it was easy.

In the gallery below, you can see a few suggestions on how to wear this homemade accessory with different outfits: be it casual, for the office or some other occasion. I hope you find it interesting.

For this project, I used two acrylic souvenirs I’d bought at the Glasgow School of Art Shop which were products celebrating GSA´s heritage and the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Also, I used a piece of textile ribbon (you can take the ones that are used to hold garments’ labels or that are placed to keep clothes on the hangers) and a couple of different earrings. I connected the souvenirs with the ribbon making a bow and then I pinned the edges at the end of each souvenir on the shirt with the help of the earrings. A small tip to keep this structure in place is to use the silicon backs of the earrings.

the souvenir: laser cut acrylic motif > from the Mackintosh building at The Glasgow School of Art. This product is exclusive to The Glasgow School of Art Shop and made in Glasgow. You can buy it at GSA Shop or online.

earrings as pins > unknown

bag> Turleza   

bracelets> by Mili

All photos by Mili