Reinvent your jewelry

Getting ready to wear a black vintage shirt along with a pair of earrings made by SUSU, I came up with the idea of actually wearing one of the earrings as a pin. It gave the outfit a slightly different look. Since then, I’ve been considering different shirts with different earrings. You can see two of them in the gallery below. I hope this will inspire you to use whatever jewelry you already have in different ways: just change its “original purpose” and you have a brand new style. You’ll be surprised how playing with the same elements will get you strikingly different effects. It’s so simple, yet so amazing. Imagine how many combinations you can have with only a couple of shirts and a few pieces of jewelry… Ready to experiment and come up with some versions of your own?

pair of earrings no. 1 > SUSU Bijoux e Acessorios

pair of earrings no. 2 > from a street market in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Photos on STANDARD WAY and YOUR WAY by Carlos Kesgo
All the rest of the photos by Mili