PERSONALISED CUSTOMISING SERVICE: Turn an unwanted piece into the desired one

A private, customized service to help you repurpose one of the pieces that you no longer use. We will do this by either discussing ideas of how to use it in creative, unusual ways or by transforming it into something new. From converting your old jeans into a new denim skirt, transforming a souvenir into a stunning style accessory, or getting the most out of an expensive go-to piece, I will show you how to reinvent a favorite item or will customize it for you to make you fall in love with it all over again.

This will help you:

  • Refresh and reclaim a favorite item of clothing or jewelry
  • Preserve a special memory by upcycling a souvenir into an eye-catching accessory
  • Express your visual identity with unique style pieces
  • Spend less on special occasion glam and glitter
  • Learn tips and insights for a conscious, sustainable wardrobe approach

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