UPCYlNG AND CONSIGNMENT SERVICE: Turning your unwanted piece into a loved one

Would you love to transform one underused piece from your jewelry box into a unique piece of wearable art? We all have a certain item of jewelry that we don’t use to its fullest potential. It may be an expensive item rarely used, a broken fragment creating clutter, something of sentimental value, or a gift we feel obliged to keep. 

With my Love It or Leave It service, I will transform this item into a modern eye-catching accessory, which you can then either choose to keep or ask to sell on. 

This will help you:

  • Repurpose one underused piece for a style makeover
  • Upcycle for a style refresh or choose to cash in your clutter
  • Love it –  buy it back (at a pre-agreed price)
  • Leave it – ask to sell (receive 10-30% of pre-agreed price once sold)

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