From Waste to Wonder: Designs by Pepe Heykoop

”I work with leftover material a lot, not only because I like it, but as well because I feel the urge to review the way we make use of our resources and materials given by this planet. Creative thinking can lead to new discoveries that will give shape to our future, both physically and mentally.”

Pepe Heykoop

I first encountered Pepe Heykoop’s work in a gallery store in Berlin where I saw his Paper Vase Covers. I thought they were both beautiful and ingenious products: paper covers that turn any glass or bottle into a vase. While looking for more information about these vases, I found out that there was much more to them than meets the eye. An additional quality, one that is especially compelling to me, is that their production creates a positive social impact by empowering people and offering them a way out of poverty. Each vase is produced through the Tiny Miracles foundation which, as stated in their mission, “enables local communities to create their own sustainable livelihood through the manufacturing of Dutch design.”

All this triggered my curiosity even further, I wanted to find out more about this designer. I ended up on his website where I found many interesting ideas and products.

What resonated with me immediately was his philosophy ‘From Waste to Wonder’ since I myself have been very keen on adopting a similar approach in my life and in my creative thinking. Pepe’s ‘From Waste to Wonder’ mission is about working with available wasted materials and pieces and ‘elevating’ them into something useful and beautiful. 

If the interesting, creative trends that this artist sets through his designs haven’t made you browse off to his web already, I have added below a few more photos of his work, those that appealed to me the most. Since each project has not only a unique design but a really interesting concept and story behind, I recommend exploring Pepe’s web for more photos and project descriptions.  

Beyond its aesthetics, I loved the inherent social aspect, its sustainability and the conscious approach of Pepe Heykoop’s creative endeavors. I wish you will do too.

all images found at Pepe Heykoop’s official website 

photographed by Annemarijne Bax

Here is the link for Pepe Heykoop’s website where you can see more of his designs and projects:

If you liked the images, you can find more info about the photographer at Annemarijne Bax Photography’s website: