From my recycle bin: DIY accessories

My effort to consume less and generate less waste, especially plastic, is often not an easy task. When it comes to living a more sustainable life, one of my latest commitments is to try to recycle and/or reuse most of the packages I inevitably need to use. In this attempt, I set up my so called “recycle bin”, where I store most of these packages together with some other similar items. Doing this not only helps me acknowledge the amounts I consume (and waste), it also prompts me to think about possible alternatives. In fact, this bin has been a new source of items/materials that inspires me to reuse, repurpose and upcycle.

Most of my recycling bin items come from cosmetic and make up products that I use. (If you have any good advice on more sustainable products, please do let me know.)

The item on the photos is made out of a used mascara case and an old charger cable. I loved the color of the case and the striped pattern of the lid. I decided these would be great together with minimum alterations, making this an easy project that would require little effort and time.

I’ve only shown the basic concept here. I can’t wait to share all the different options I’ve been wearing since then: assembling them by combining these few elements and/or using them with other pieces of accessories. I’m sure you also have some old, “useless” items that you could make into something new. To inspire you further, I will continue posting similar recycling ideas. 

I cut the cable in desired sizes and I glued a clasp I’d already bought in a store. Since the cable was long enough for more than one necklace, I made two, different in length. This enables me to wear my accessories in many ways.

I cut the mascara case in tubes and washed them to remove the remaining product from the inside. I used the lid part as it was, preserving its original pattern. From the rest of the case, I got two more plain elements. Those, I painted with acrylic in a random, abstract manner, covering and so hiding the labeling prints. 

“BEORE” and “HOW TO” photos by Mili

All the rest of photos by Carlos Kesgo