Wearing a Malay house souvenir

Are you one of those people that like to collect souvenirs from trips? More often than not, you go somewhere and you want to come back home with a little something from that place you’ve just visited. Interestingly, I’ve realised that most travelers have a thing for magnets and even if I’ve never been a big fan of the magnet-covered fridge, I have a few magnets of my own. The problem with this kind of mementos is that you might feel bad about giving (throwing) them away, even if you somehow wished to because you no longer know where to put them.

If you have “bonded” with a similar relic but you’d rather it didn’t just sit around collecting dust, why not reinvent its use? It will still be a nice souvenir from a memorable occasion but, in this case, it will be more unique and more useful. The possibilities are endless… I’d like to see yours. 


I removed the small magnetic piece from the backside and I placed two small links instead. This way, I can attach the souvenir to a safety pin or to a chain so that I can wear it either as a pin or as a necklace.

All photos by Mili