Reinvent your black dress

When I bought this nice and simple tunic, I knew I was going to make a good use of it. One evening, as I was getting ready for a night out, this dress was a great choice. The only thing was that, rather than it being so simple, I wanted it to have some golden details to match my earrings and my shoes. After a few minutes of thinking, I decided to accessorize it using safety pins and some golden beads I had at home. For that occasion, I only put three beads on each shoulder, just to give it an elegant touch. Later on, I started to experiment a bit more. Here are some other ideas on how to restyle a simple dress  (or other articles of clothing – check my post 777&TRIPLE BLUE).

There I was, playing freely metal beads, a few different chains and safety pins. I used these elements not only to decorate the dress, but also to shape it, to give it a different form. Once you start experimenting yourself, you’ll see how many possibilities you have with just a few elements. Here, I’ve just given you some examples that you can copy. Hopefully, they will inspire you to try your own as well.

Choose your style, take some strong safety pins that won’t bend and open easily. Place the pin from the inner side of the dress and pass the needle towards the outer side. Put the beads and the chains that you desire and pass it back to the inner side. Finally, close the pin.

All photos by Mili


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