Downsizing wardrobe concerns: Variety 

When I speak to people about my journey of rethinking my wardrobe, besides genuine interest in my experience and reasons for doing so, I’m noticing a lot of concern. Many claim that it’s an interesting idea with good reasons behind, but say that they wouldn’t be able to do the same because of “so and so”…

I want to look into these “reasons” and try to figure out the issues people fear when considering the idea of downsizing (their wardrobe). This is a broad topic that I’ll probably address in different future posts. I do so in an attempt to challenge the arguments against it as well as to point out some solutions that could help overcome this resistance.

One of the recurrent concerns I’ve heard so far is: “I would be bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again.”

I believe that we can achieve variety in our personal style with less items and more creativity: using the same elements to achieve different results. It might be a bit more challenging, but it’s definitely more sustainable (both for the environment and for your budget). Once I allowed myself to use only a limited number of clothes for some time, I realized not only that this was not so much of a “sacrifice” like some might think, but also that it’s adding on my quality of life. We can be “cool” even if we decide to steer clear from the mass consumption society. In fact, working with less also took me back to my creative nature and allowed me to improvise and invent more, as I used to do before when I was younger and I didn’t have the resources I have today.

My aspirations to achieve more variety led me to designing changeable pieces myself and experimenting with my jewelry and clothes. You can see examples in my other posts. Hopefully they can give you some ideas for you to experiment on your own.