33.00 $

Part 1. Introductory class (40 min), Q&A ( 20min)
Part 2. Practical Demo ( 30min – 1hour)
How you could create more opportunities for you to use the clothing pieces you love? And how could you customize the unwanted pieces to your preferences?
Class objectives:
– to give you information and insights on a conscious and sustainable wardrobe approach
– inspire you to take positive actions in your life that will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and to being more of a conscious consumer
– give you ideas on how to deal with the challenges you might face along the journey to your desired wardrobe
– to empower you to be unique, stylish and able to express your visual identity with clothes
– to introduce you to certain styling hacks to be able to use more of what to already have and spend less on your festive and special occasion outfits
– to encourage you to be inventive and experiment more



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