33.00 $

Part 1. Introductory class (40 min), Q&A ( 20min)

Part 2. Practical Demo ( 30min – 1hour)

How you could create more opportunities for you to use the fashion jewelry pieces you love? And how could you customize the unwanted pieces to your preferences?

Class objectives:

– to provide you with concepts and insights on how to give conscious thought to the content of your jewelry box
– to inspire you to find more creative ways to use your pieces
– to empower you to express your visual identity with jewelry in an innovative way
– to give you ideas on how to re-style gifts to your own flair for wear and claim back broken favorites
– adapt your existing pieces to your new preferences
– to show you ideas for upcycling old jewelry or souvenirs into eye-catching accessories
– to help you spend less on special occasion glam and glitter



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