From my recycle bin: DIY accessories

From my recycle bin: DIY accessories

My effort to consume less and generate less waste, especially plastic, is often not an easy task. When it comes to living a more sustainable life, one of my latest commitments is to try to recycle and/or reuse most of the packages I inevitably need to use. In this attempt, I set up my so called “recycle bin”, where I store most of these packages together with some other similar items. Doing this not only helps me acknowledge the amounts I consume (and waste), it also prompts me to think about possible alternatives. In fact, this bin has been a new source of items/materials that inspires me to reuse, repurpose and upcycle.

Most of my recycling bin items come from cosmetic and make up products that I use. (If you have any good advice on more sustainable products, please do let me know.)

The item on the photos is made out of a used mascara case and an old charger cable. I loved the color of the case and the striped pattern of the lid. I decided these would be great together with minimum alterations, making this an easy project that would require little effort and time.

I’ve only shown the basic concept here. I can’t wait to share all the different options I’ve been wearing since then: assembling them by combining these few elements and/or using them with other pieces of accessories. I’m sure you also have some old, “useless” items that you could make into something new. To inspire you further, I will continue posting similar recycling ideas. 

I cut the cable in desired sizes and I glued a clasp I’d already bought in a store. Since the cable was long enough for more than one necklace, I made two, different in length. This enables me to wear my accessories in many ways.

I cut the mascara case in tubes and washed them to remove the remaining product from the inside. I used the lid part as it was, preserving its original pattern. From the rest of the case, I got two more plain elements. Those, I painted with acrylic in a random, abstract manner, covering and so hiding the labeling prints. 

“BEORE” and “HOW TO” photos by Mili

All the rest of photos by Carlos Kesgo



Welcome to my new web page and blog

Welcome to my new web page where I share the content that emerges through my creative work and my efforts to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. I hope the blog will inspire you to take ownership of your own life & style choices. I believe that if we all make small steps towards more sustainable and meaningful lives, together we can achieve a better and less contaminated environment.

I started this journey some time ago, amazed by the many incredible people and ideas I found on the web, wishing to make a creative and inspiring virtual space of my own. What I built then was meant to be my own version of a fashion and accessories blog.

Yet, I wasn’t “happy” with what I had created. My main aim was to share styles that included original and handmade fashion pieces. I intended to promote different brands beyond what was overly advertised and I wanted to include ideas and suggestions of my own. Only after I started blogging did I realize how unsustainable my endeavor was going to be. Also, I thought about how unrealistic it would be for the average person to actually follow a fashion blogger lifestyle. I found myself generating OUTFIT posts that didn’t really seem meaningful to me. At the same time, I was buying and collecting items that I didn’t give much use to, even though I loved them. My blog, which was meant to be different, turned out to be just another fashion blog in the end.

As a result, I reassessed my approach and reclaimed my personal values. I brought my lifestyle and behavior in line with the things that truly matter to me, and I decided to change the focus of my blog. I can still share ideas and products, but I don’t have to own them or wear them all. I can still encourage people to shop less or make smarter choices when shopping, but I can also give them ideas on how to experiment, improvise and achieve more with what they already have.

Rather than searching for a style, I am striving to curate my life. 

photo by Carlos Kesgo

necklace by Norma Rinaudo