Starting my "conscious wardrobe" journey

Starting my “conscious wardrobe” journey

When I decided to reassess my general approach to life and my intentions with my “fashion” blog in particular, it became clear to me that I had to align each aspect of my lifestyle to my values. As silly as it might seem at first sight, it took no time for my wardrobe to come to the table for the evaluation. As I got more curious about the minimalist and sustainable approach to fashion and lifestyle, I decided to try a wardrobe experiment.

As I started feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in my life (and everywhere around me), I thought that I shouldn’t buy any new things for some time, but instead try to make the most of what I already had. At that time, I bumped into Melissa Cain’s Instagram where she mentioned a challenge: not buying any clothes for one year. It turned out that she was also offering mentoring sessions to “curate your wardrobe”. I worked with Melissa on choosing the items for my new capsule wardrobe and on adopting a new minimalist approach towards fashion and clothing.

I started with a very small number of items compared to what I was used to having in my closet and even if I didn’t eventually keep the exact model of the capsule wardrobe, the whole process of thinking about it made me become more conscious about my choices. So, I named it “my conscious wardrobe journey”. If you are interested in what a capsule wardrobe is (and especially what it’s not), I found this post that you might want to read.

I think we should all focus more on curating everything in our lives and being more conscious of how we spend our resources, don’t you?


With this post, I am introducing a new section of my blog called “My Conscious Wardrobe” where I will write about my insights from the above mentioned journey I’ve started. To read them look for the following category: my_C_WARDROBE.


Custom drapery top makeover

Custom drapery top makeover

Sometimes, I would change a top or a dress by tying it from the inside or using safety pins to change its shape. As I was inspired by some pieces of accessories by Alice Jee Chung and The Spoon Brooch by Maki Okamoto I’ve seen on Pinterest, I started playing with some T-shirts and blouses… and I came up with a few ideas. Here’s one of those: an easy way to give a new shape and so a new look to any top. I tried making one or two knots on a casual T-shirt and I saw that it gave it quite an interesting appearance. Then, I tried making more knots, like on the one you can see in this example, and suddenly I had changed not only the look but also the “cut” itself.

I’ve found that this arrangement gives the item a more sophisticated look that could possibly give an elegant touch to a casual outfit. Depending on the place and number of knots, you can have many different results that can go from only giving it an interesting texture to actually changing its shape. You can try longer, shorter, even playing with asymmetry. I’ll be showing more examples here and on my social media, so keep checking out the posts. I hope to see your versions and hear about your insights as well.


Of course, making the knots is very easy. However, to achieve the desired effect, you just have to play a bit with the “depth” by seeing how much fabric you tie up and where you place the spots. Trial and error is the best method here. 

jewelry by Norma Rinaudo

Photos by Carlos Kesgo